Supply Chain Finance Solutions: Relevance – Propositions – Market Value

The book ?Supply Chain Finance Solutions? offers orientation in the new discipline of Supply Chain Finance (SCF) by investigating the need for and nature of SCF, along with its characteristics and enablers. Due to the novelty of the Supply Chain Finance approach, there are still many knowledge gaps. This lack of research leads to uncertainties about the successful implementation of SCF solutions within companies as there is little quantified evidence on the achievable cost savings and other potential benefits. The authors close this gap by providing the latest information on business concepts and the SCF market. Based on a sample SCF model, the worldwide market size for such solutions and potential cost savings to companies engaged in SCF are analyzed. The work underlines the generally agreed-upon attractiveness and future relevance of SCF solutions by creating win-win situations; for all actors in the end-to-end supply chain as well as for external service providers.

Verlag: Springer-Verlag
Autor: Erik Hofmann, Oliver Belin
Erscheinungsdatum: 2011
ASIN: 3642175651
Preis: 41,99

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