Drivers of Bank Lending: New Evidence from the Crisis

After the recent financial crisis has hooked the banking system to its very foundations, Hartmut Brinkmeyer contributes to the question of how bank characteristics influence bank loan supply during crisis periods by developing a well-founded theoretical framework.

The econometrical design deploys a number of remarkably innovative ideas such as the implementation of a bank-specific, self-chosen target capital ratio or a very convincing approach to the disentanglement of loan supply and demand. The results of this study deliver a profound insight into the lending behavior of European banks and explicitly urge academic and practical discussion.

Verlag: SpringerGabler
Autor: Brinkmeyer, Hartmut
Erscheinungsdatum: 2014
ASIN: 978-3-658-07175-2
Preis: 59.99 Euro
Link: Drivers of Bank Lending

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