Environmental Policy and Renewable Energy Equipment Exports – An Empirical Analysis

Environmental Policy

This thesis investigates the connection between environmental regulation, technological innovation, and export competitiveness in renewable energy equipment based on a large sample of 225 developed and developing countries from 1990 to 2012.

The empirical analysis yields strong supporting evidence for the narrowly strong Porter Hypothesis as well as for the lead market theory. The results suggest that environmental regulation drives innovation and export volumes in solar- and wind-power-related goods. This is particularly the case for well-crafted (i.e. market-based, output-oriented, and clear) instruments such as carbon trading regimes. Moreover, the data show that early adopters of renewable energy support policies benefit most.

Verlag: SpringerGabler
Autor: Diederich, Henning
Erscheinungsdatum: 2016
ASIN: 3658135573
Preis: 69,99
Link: Environmental Policy and Renewable Energy Equipment Exports

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