Bühler Concept AG

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Industriestraße 20
8424 Embrach ZH


„Bühler Concept“ had been founded in 1991 as „small family-co.“ and eversince has grown and specialized into a worldwide active logistics-Co. with 2 different networks:

Our „horizontal“ network includes truck-, air- and oceanfreight-services for any kind of general cargo. Adjoined are our surface-services, operating through our customs-terminals in Switzerland and Germany.

Unter „vertical“ logistics we operate the full range of logistics-administration, adjoined IT-solution and physical handling for textiles, sport-articles, highend-chemicals and pharmaceuticals. The combination of both leads to a fullsize 3-dimensional-module-concept, based on which we establish solutions, moving articles from „any production-plant to any retailer or final user“. As small company with own structures, we still offer the „personalized service“ more and more clients are looking for.