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Managing a supply chain is often looked upon as a cost activity, rather than one which can translate into higher customer satisfaction resulting in higher revenue, and better margins. With globalization, supply chain management has now become one of the key differentiators between competing companies in markets with similar products and technologies. Companies, which can deliver their products in the right form, at the right time, at the right place, with the right people, will win the competitive game.

Europhia advocates re-imagination of the supply chain to create a competitive edge. The supply chain as your strategic asset!

To enable companies to have a strategic edge over others requires the best in Human Capital Management. This starts with finding and keeping top talent in the area of supply chain management. Professionals with the right skill set, drive and attitude.

Europhia Consulting is a recruitment and executive search company specialized in the logistics and supply chain industry. We have offices in Singapore covering the Asia Pacific region, and in the Netherlands covering Europe.

Europhia Consulting’s unique international concept offers clients and applicants a range of dedicated services within the logistics and supply chain industry. These services include recruitment and executive search, training and consultancy services. Our objective is to be an international consulting group offering our international client base a global partnership through a network of strategically located offices.

The supply chain as your strategic asset.