ZUGIC Logistics-Hanging Garments Transport

+381 64 123 20 66
+381 21 715 810

21201 Serbia and Montengro


ZUGIC Logistics is Hanging Garments transport company which is based in Serbia.

Our main service is international road organisation and transportation of hanging ready-made and flat packed garments, temperature controlled and general goods.

Express Delivery of exported merchandise to Serbia, and imported finished garments from Serbia, direct to or from your offshore factories-partners located in Serbia – Eastern Europe. ZUGIC Logistics provides non-stop transport for the ultimate in speed, knocking massive chunks off delivery lead times!

The management of our operations and logistics team has been honed through hard earned experience into a superb, uncompromising force, now providing fast, reliable, shipping coordination especially for the Fashion Clothing industry – Cutting Your Costs!

You KNOW when your merchandise is collected and delivered, facilitating your absolute control of your production in Serbia or EEC.